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How to Fix Google Play Server Error?

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Google Play Server Error

Google Play is Google’s official marketplace for all Android users. Google Store app is the Google Play client, which allows you to download Google applications, including Google Play Music or Google+ Photos. Google Play may experience server errors and other constant problems when you finish downloading some apps or even when the Google Store app starts.

However, You can solve some Google Play problems fast. Here are some Google Play Store solutions to the Google Server Error you should check out:

Uninstall Updates

Sometimes, Google servers may crash or have other difficulties while updating Google apps on your device, which you use every day. Therefore, it is recommended to uninstall Google updates before Google Play Store Server Errors occur. Updates may take a long time and tend to Google Play server errors, so it’s a good idea to remove them for a while until your Google apps become stable.

Re-login Google Account

Some users reported Google Play Server Error after re-logging Google account in Google Play Store. Google requires Google Account re-logging every once in a while to make sure the Google Play app works with your Google account correctly and delivers any content to Google servers. However, the Google server may be overloaded during re-logging. Google apps start behaving erratically or not responding at all.

Clear Cache Memory

Cache memory is a temporary Google Play Store built-in memory that Google apps store data and files. The Google Play Store app may have some Google Server Errors or even crashes after clearing Google Play cache memory. It’s better to avoid this Google Play solution if your Android device has limited space on its hard drive. But Google Play Store will be a Google Server Error-free after Google cache memory is cleared from Google apps.

Setting The Phone Time In Automatic Mode

As Google Play is Google’s official app store for Android devices, Google may use Google servers to determine the time and date on your Android device. Therefore, Google Server Error may occur due to incorrect phone time settings in the Google Play Store app. It’s better to set your correct time manually in Google Play Store settings before the Google Server Error starts.

Restarting Google Play Store App

Nowadays, Google apps have become more intelligent as Google processes more data every day and analyzes customer behavior. Google Play Store app may correct Google Server Error on its own, so it’s worth restarting Google Play Store to check Google apps behavior. You can restart the Google Play app by simply closing the Google Store window, which may appear when you open Google apps.

Sign Out Google Account

Google Play server errors may also occur if multiple devices are signed with a Google account in Google Play Store. So, it is a good Google Play Store solution to sign out of your Google account and sign in when Google apps start the Google Server Error again.

Restoring Apps from Backup

If you are experiencing Google server errors for a while already or want to solve the problem once and for all. In that case, the Google Play Store solution that looks promising is restoring apps from Google Play backup. Google automatically backs up Google apps after you log in to your Google account. Google saves app installation data on your device, including specific files Google Play Store servers need to function correctly.

Removing Third-Party Apps

Sometimes Google Server Error may indicate Google apps functionality issues when Google lacks third-party Google apps data. In this case, Google recommends uninstalling third-party Google apps to solve the problem. It is necessary to check out whether Google server errors continue appearing after removing certain Google apps before you uninstall Google apps, which the Google Play Store app depends on.

Restoring Factory Settings

Google Server Error may indicate a profound Google apps error that may have caused Google servers to malfunction. In this case, Google recommends restoring the factory settings of your Android device before you contact Google Customer Support. Google Server Error is Google’s problem, which Google technicians should solve for Android users. You can restore the Android device to factory settings. The Google Play Store app will no longer experience Google Server Error after the restoration process is completed.

As Google Apps and Google Store app receive more customer data, Google may process the data. Google apps become more innovative day by day. So Google Server Error or Google Play Server Error will not stop impacting Android users for a long time. However, you can solve Google server problems with some simple Google Play Store solutions that are relatively easy to implement.


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