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How Old is My iPhone? – 3 Easy Ways To Find It!

How Old is My iPhone

Have you ever asked yourself, “How old is my iPhone?” or “When did this iPhone model come out?”. We have a detailed guide on “how to find out iPhone age” or manufacturing year right here.

How To Check How Old is My iPhone?

iPhone is known for its reliability and unique features. Many iPhones run steadily at least five years or even longer. You can generally identify an iPhone age by knowing it’s model number. Such as iPhone X comes out in 2017, the XR model in 2018 and iPhone 11 in 2019, and so on.

But if your iPhone is too old, it will be hard to know the age or manufacturing year as you don’t have a billing or any other detail that may help you identify the phone’s age. 

Knowing the iPhone age is must when you are going to exchange your old iPhone with a new one. It helps you understand how much you would get in exchange or what could be the best resale value when you are trying to resale your old i-Phone.

In other situations, iPhone age helps you know the purchase date, warranty period and support coverage, etc. as you never know when you are going need these details in future.

So wondering, “How old is my iPhone?“. Let’s find it out with these quick and easy steps.

iPhone Serial Number

To check the iPhone age, you need the phone serial number. The serial number of each i-Phone is unique and includes various information like i-Phone model, manufacturing year, age, and technical specifications such as Internal memory, RAM, Camera, etc.

So let’s see how can you find the iPhone serial number. Follow these below steps- 

Step 1- Open your Phone Settings. Go to “General“.

Step 2- Go to “About“.

Step 3- Go a little bit downwards of the page, and you will see “Serial Number” there.

Step 4- Tap and hold on the serial number to copy it.

iPhone Serial Number

Now you have your iPhone serial number. Let’s move to further steps and find out the age of your i-Phone. There are three best methods you can use to find out the age of your iPhone. Let’s start with the first method.

Using Apple Check Coverage

Apple provides an official webpage, created on the apple sub-domain, to check Apple’s device warranty, support, and service coverage.

Follow these steps to know these –

Step 1- Get your phone serial number from phone settings.

Step 2- Now open this – Check Coverage and enter your serial number.

Apple Check Coverage

Step 3- Enter the Captcha code and click on “Continue“. The next page will show you the status of your iPhone support and service. If they are showing expired that means, your i-Phone age is more than one year.

Apple Check Coverage_1

Since Apple offers one year warranty on all devices, this method can only help you identify your iPhone age is less than one year or more.

Using SNDeep.info

This method is best and quick too. You can easily find all information about an i-Phone just by entering your phone serial number or IMEI number. It helps to get an overview of the i-Phone specification even without unboxing the i-Phone. So let’s see how it works. 

Step 1- Open this website – SNDeep.info in a browser.

How Old is My iPhone_1

Step 2- Choose Apple as a device.

How Old is My iPhone_2

Step 3- Enter your phone serial number (that you have found from the previous steps. You can also use your iPhone IMEI number ) and click on “Show info“. The next page will display different information for the given serial number, including the model name, manufacturing year, and age. You can also check the technical specifications of your phone there on the same page.

How Old is My iPhone

Using Chipmunk Klantenservice

Now Let’s move to the last method. We will use a third-party website known as “Chipmunk Klantenservice” to check the iPhone age, model, etc.

Step 1- Copy the serial number from your phone settings.

Step 2- Open this website – Chipmunk Klantenservice and paste/enter your serial number.

Chipmunk Klantenservice iphone age

Step 3- Click on the “Show the information” button, and it will open a page containing information like your phone name, model, age, and some other technical specifications with details.

Chipmunk Klantenservice iphone age_1


One best method is saving the phone billing soft copy on an email server. Keep the billing soft copy and email title same as your i-Phone name so that you can easily find it even after many years later.

These are the best and easiest method to know, “How old is my iPhone?“. As you have seen, the i-Phone serial number can help you know your phone age, warranty, and manufacturing date by following the above steps. Please let us know in the comment if you have any questions related to i-Phone or it’s age.

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