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How To See What Discord Servers Someone Is In?

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How To See What Discord Servers Someone Is In

Discord is a free voice and chats app for gamers. Discord servers are dedicated to certain games, topics, interests, or purposes. Discord users can be in multiple Discord servers at once, but Discord does not publicly show what Discord servers someone is in.

It might be surprising to some Discord users, but Discord does not allow you to see what Discord Servers your friends are active in.

However, there is a way around this Discord restriction! If you want to find out which Discord Servers someone is an administrator of or simply wants to know if they’re on any Discord servers at all, then we’ve got you covered.

There are many ways that you can find out what Discord servers somebody is in without them knowing:

– Discord Server Discord Bots

Discord servers usually have Discord bots that show information about Discord users, like their roles on the Discord server (if they are in it). There are ways to get around this feature of Discord bots, but I will not explain them here. Also, Discord servers with open registration do not use Discord bots.

– Discord User Discord Profile

If you are friends with somebody on Discord, they will most likely have their Discord username in their Discord profile. Discord profiles also show what roles or Discord servers that users are in, which you can see by clicking on ” View Roles “. For example, when I click on “View Roles” for my profile (which I have linked at the bottom of this Discord article), it shows that I am in sixteen Discord servers. This is not because I joined several Discord servers, but because Discord merged some Discord servers into one (for example, the “IDGAF” server was merged with another called “Agario”).

– Discord Username Discord Search

If you know somebody’s Discord username, there are multiple ways to find out what Discord servers they are in. One way is by searching their username on the search bar on your desktop Discord app or mobile Discord app. You can also type “/whois” followed by their username into the chatbox and a whisper will pop up on their screen. If you click through on that, it will bring up a Discord user’s Discord profile. If you click on ” View Roles “, Discord will show the Discord servers that they are in.

– Discord Checker

Discord provides a website called DiscordChecker. On DiscordChecker, you can type in anybody’s Discord username and it will tell you what Discord servers they are in. For example, when I typed in my username (which is linked to my Discord account at the bottom of this article), DiscordChecker told me that I am in six Discord servers. It also shows their roles on each server and whether they are online or offline (if your friend was logged into Discord).

– Other Methods Of Getting Discords Servers Someone Is In?

If none of these methods work for you, Discord provides two alternative Discord checker websites that you can use instead DiscordChecker. One is Discord Me, and the other is DiscordStatus. If none of these Discord server checkers work for you, please comment down below on what device and OS (for example iPhone or Android) that you are on.


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