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How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone?

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Voicemail on iPhone

Voicemail is an automated messaging service that delivers pre-recorded messages directly to voicemail boxes, permitting callers to leave a message when the user is unavailable. iPhones voicemail settings are easy enough for users to configure without any technical knowledge. This article will show you how to set up voicemail on your iPhone easily.

Set up Voicemail on iPhone

To set up voicemail on iPhone, you need to follow the below steps:

1. On the iPhone’s home screen tap on the phone icon.

2. Tap on the voicemail option and then it will ask for a voicemail password which is your ten-digit phone number by default. Once you enter this information tap done in order to set voicemail on iPhone.

3. When you are logged in it will ask to record your voicemail greeting by tapping on creating new or continue with the existing voicemail greeting option.

If you have never recorded a voicemail before then it is better to choose to create a new option in order to set voicemail on iPhone. If you have already recorded a voicemail greeting earlier then choose to continue with the existing voicemail greeting option.

4. It will ask to enter a name for your voicemail account that you have created in order to distinguish between voicemails from different people. Then tap Done in order to set voicemail on iPhone.

5. Now it will give the voicemail options to use voicemail. You can either use immediate voicemail or turn the voicemail feature off. If you want voicemails to be delivered immediately after they are left then select the ‘Immediate Voicemail’ option and if you want voicemails to be sent immediately as a text message instead of a voicemail then select the ‘Turn voicemail feature off‘ option. Then tap Done to set voicemail on iPhone.

6. Finally voicemail is set up and you can receive voicemails by calling your phone number or checking the voicemail option in your contacts list. When other callers leave voicemails, you will see the voicemail notification under the missed calls entry in the voicemail icon.

Fix the iPhone Voicemail Issues

Having iPhone is really nice, but not so much when you get the phone and find out that it has no voicemail set. Here are some easy steps you can follow to fix this problem so your iPhone will have voicemails waiting for you whenever you get a missed call.

1) Dial into your current phone service provider’s office or check the website for customer service. Let them know that you want to activate voicemails if they aren’t already activated. They might need to add voicemails to your account or just set up voicemails on iPhone.

2) Look for the voicemail option in your phone settings. Go to “Phone” and select “Voicemail“. It should automatically ask you to change the voicemail number and go through the steps. If it doesn’t, then find out your voicemail number from your service provider. You might have to reset your voicemail password so keep these numbers handy when doing this step.

3) After following all of the instructions above, call your own number and see if you get a notification about new voicemails waiting for you. If not, call yourself again until you get voicemails waiting for your notifications since there might be some problems with the voicemail setup.

4) For more voicemail support, call your service provider to help you add voicemails to your Apple iPhone. They will have the latest information on how to do this and when you should be able to get voicemails waiting for you notifications when somebody calls you.

You should now know enough about voicemail to set it up on your iPhone. Remember, voicemail is a great way of keeping in touch with people when you are unable to answer the phone. You should also remember that voicemail is a great way of screening calls, as you will know who’s calling before you pick up the phone. This lets you decide whether or not to answer. Now that you can set up voicemail on your iPhone, what are you waiting for? Start sending those voicemails!


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