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How to View Private Instagram Profiles?

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

How to View Private Instagram Profiles? – Ever since Instagram’s inception as a major social media platform for sharing pictures and videos, it has been all the rage. With over a billion active users, Instagram has taken over the social networking world. It is now owned by Facebook and is the 4th most downloaded app in the world. These are some mind-blowing statistics for a social networking platform.

There are tons of Instagram profiles and pages active right now. Celebrities, politicians, and entertainers, all have their Instagram account. Let’s take a look at how Instagram works as a service and then we will move on to how you can view any private profile on Instagram. We will go through its mechanisms, privacy measures, and then finally some nifty tips and tricks for you to follow.

Instagram: How does it work?

Instagram has become an iconic service. It allows its users to take advantage of hashtags to make their posts more visible globally. Not only this, but celebrities can go live on their accounts. This allows their fans to interact with and watch them from the comfort of their own homes.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles_1As a tool, Instagram allows its users to have powerful features when it comes to editing and altering photos. It offers filters, photo editing tools such as cropping, and changing the aspect ratio. Furthermore, the medium allows a user to quickly upload, edit, and post multiple photos in a short time.

There are also ways to tag someone or multiple people in your photos. This allows for greater post visibility among your followers. Once a user has posted their photo, it can be viewed by anyone. This only happens if their account is public.

However, if they have a private account it gets a little tricky. Only accounts that are following a private profile can view the pictures and stories posted in them. It is really difficult to view photos of any private account if you’re not on their follow list. Before we show you how to view any private Instagram profiles without following, we will take a look at Instagram’s privacy policies.

They take privacy seriously.

We can’t talk about private Instagram accounts without mentioning the privacy policies that go with securing them. Under the privacy policies of Instagram, interacting with private Instagram accounts is very difficult. Their system can be highly restrictive. Imagine this, even if you are in the follower list of the account, you cannot access any information that the account doesn’t give in their bio. You have no access to any emails, phone numbers, or even their real name. With a private account, you can only see their profile photo (that you cannot even zoom in on).

So, there is definitely a difficulty gradient when it comes to having access to private Instagram accounts. You might see a lot of tools and ‘hacks’ online. Every now and then, you can see an app pop up on the Appstore which promises to view private Instagram photos.

There is no guarantee that these tools actually work. For you to be able to view private profiles, you will have to manually head over to San Francisco, and access the physical servers of Instagram. Then once you do that, you will have to break their numerous cybersecurity measures in place. That means hacking through encryptions, and security measures worth millions of dollars.

Not only is this almost impossible, but it is also entirely unfeasible for an individual to do this. However, the good news is you won’t have to opt for these outlandish measures at all.  In this article, we will show you how to view private Instagram profiles without following no survey. Not only this, but we will guide you through how to view private Instagram profiles without human verification as well. All it takes is some clever tricks and a holistic approach that takes into account all different aspects of this social media service.

What exactly is a private Instagram account?

Before we get to access a private Instagram account, we need to understand what it actually is. A private Instagram is a normal account which has Instagram’s highest privacy protocols applied to it. If you are not added to that account’s friends list, you will not be able to interact with it in a truly meaningful way.

What exactly is a private Instagram account

This means that you can view their stories, their live broadcasts, any photos or videos they post. This automatically means that you cannot see their likes or comments as well. Let’s see what you actually can do. You can see their names, profile picture, number of posts, number of followers, and the number of accounts they are following.

Additionally, you can view their bio. Apart from that, there are only two options for interacting with them. One is to send them a follow request and the other is to send them a message. We will be using the message feature which is present on both iOS and Android. Essentially, you will know how to view private Instagram profiles on the iPhone. Furthermore, with some additional tampering, you will know how to view private Instagram profiles on android as well.

Why you might want to access a private Instagram account?

There can be multiple reasons as to why you want to access a private Instagram account. A good reason can be that you want to stay up to date with how someone’s life is going without having yourself in the picture. Why? Well, things might have ended on an ugly note and you don’t want to be a hindrance.

However, still, curiosity is eating you up from inside. You might genuinely care about the person and just want to see how life has treated them. Another reason could be that the user only allows selective people to follow them and you are afraid your request will be denied. You don’t want to take those chances and you figure it’s just easier viewing their private Instagram account without going through the hassle of actually following them.

Your reason can be more serious than that or more deep-rooted. One thing is certain, you want this done in a discrete and low-profile way without actually being caught. It is tricky and sometimes even morally grey. However, through clever tricks and neat ideas, it is entirely possible for you to view these profiles. We will go through some of these ways and evaluate the best approaches you can take.

Tips and tricks to view private profiles

We will go through some tricks to finally let you view private profiles on Instagram.

Making a fake account

This one is the most straightforward. For this, all you need to do is make a fake account from scratch. You will need to sign up with Instagram, or you can use a multi-login account from your main account. Both options are valid. Once you make a fresh profile, you need to decide upon a name that is not too suspicious.

Make sure it’s a name your private account user won’t ponder too much about. Now a fake profile will always be a source of suspicion if it has zero followers or posts. You will need to add around 10-15 posts to appear legitimate. This should be easy. Just choose some throwaway pics from your gallery and post them.

However, take care that the posts don’t reveal your or someone else’s identity. They can be just random shots that you took in your backyard, maybe some scenic snapshots or anything which looks legitimate. Preferably have some deep captions and hashtags going along with your posts. This gives them more depth and just makes the whole thing more believable.

Once you have populated your fake Instagram profile, try to get a small following. The rule of thumb here is, the more established your profile looks the more are your chances for this trick to work. Once you have a decent following of 20+ accounts, you are in a better position to request a follow from the private profile in question.

If you want to add another foolproof layer, pace your posts appropriately. Make sure you’re not posting your pictures all at once. Maybe post after a day or two, and after around 2 weeks your account will be indistinguishable from a legitimate one.

The next step is quite self-explanatory.  Simply send a request to the private profile. If you still believe your chances are low, send a message claiming to be someone they know from school, etc. In most cases, you should be successful.send a request to the private profile on instagram

Impersonate Someone

This can be quite tricky. You’ll need to follow the same steps as before. Make a fake account. What you have to do now is to use the profile picture of someone the private user knows in person. This can be a friend, relative, or acquaintance. Ensure that you do some research beforehand.

It’s imperative that you target a friend who doesn’t have an Instagram account previously as this lowers the chances of the account already being in the follower list of the private user’s account. Once you decide on what friend to impersonate, you have to make your account legitimate. Follow the steps outlined in the previous trick.

After a couple of weeks, you should have a legitimate-looking impersonated profile. Try your luck with this one and if you feel bold enough, send a message. You can simply say (as a friend) that you decided to join Instagram and see what all the fuss is about. Good luck!

Send a Message

Finally, we are past the morally grey area when it comes to user privacy. This is one is quite straightforward. You simply need to construct a meaningful message that explains why you need access to their account. Perhaps you are an old friend that needs to link up after years of being off-grid. Maybe, you do have legitimate reasons and just need to explain your position in a clear and concise way.

Simply, tailor a message that highlights all your reasons. Have a friend check and double-check the message. Once you get the green light to go ahead, send the message to the private profile. You’ll need to cross your fingers for this one. If the private user is friendly, open to accepting other profiles or just looking to beef up their Instagram account, chances are that you will succeed. However, if you come across as creepy or desperate in your attempt then it might lead to failure.

Follow these steps to send a message to a private account 

Step 1- Open the private profile page

Step 2- Click on right-left three ‘dot‘ menu

send a request to the private profile on instagram_1

Step 3 – When a menu pop-up open. Select the “Send Message” option

send a message to a private account on instagram

Step 4- Type your message and click on “Send“. Once the private profile accepts the message and reply. You can ask to accept the “Follow” request. That way, you can view the private profile.send a message to a private account 

Ask a mutual friend

You don’t have to do any espionage yourself all the time! Recruit a mutual friend to be the spy on your behalf. Ask someone who already follows the private profile to give you a peek. While this might restrict your agency when it comes to navigating the private profile, it’s a foolproof way of accessing the account. Ensure that this mutual friend is trustworthy and won’t break confidentiality.

As a bonus, have some legitimate reasons to back you up so you don’t come across as creepy or suspicious. Once you get the mutual friend to show you the profile, you can browse through the profile without worrying too much. You are not doing anything which breaches Instagram’s terms of service.

Once you are done with browsing, you can simply go about your way. You won’t have access indefinitely but at least, a glimpse is better than never having the opportunity to take a look ever. Something is better than nothing.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, these tips can serve you in a useful way when it comes to accessing a private profile on Instagram. While the ways highlighted might not always be completely straightforward or even legitimate, they are your best chance at having access. Again, if you have the option to simply have your follow request accepted you might not even have to go through all the hassle that has been outlined for you. Try to go for these tricks as a last resort option.

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