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How to Whitelist a Program in Avast?

Whitelist a Program in Avast

If you’re a regular internet user, chances are that you’ve encountered some problems whitelisting a program in avast antivirus. This article will describe how to whitelist a program in avast and why whitelisting can be important. Before going straight to whitelist a program in Avast, let’s take a look at what whitelisting actually is. In addition, I’ll explain the advantages of having a whitelist.

What is whitelisting?

A whitelist is a list of applications that are allowed to run. On top of that, it should also contain information about the programs, such as the program name, version, and description. In the end, whitelisting is one of the most effective ways to protect your computer from malicious software (malware). A whitelist will help you block potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or any other application that you don’t want to run on your PC.

Nevertheless, not all programs can be whitelisted. The following section will describe what the reasons might be. Why whitelisting can be important Whitelisting is a common practice among anti-malware software developers. It’s been in use since long before the development of anti-malware software, back in the days of DOS.

The whitelist approach has been widely used to stop the execution of programs that can potentially harm your system. The advantage of using whitelisting is that you have the ability to decide which programs are allowed to run. This means that you get to decide whether or not you want to run a program or any program at all.

For the same reason, it’s important to have a whitelist. The whitelist is a list of all programs you’d like to execute, and the program will be run if and only if the program is on the whitelist. If a program isn’t on the whitelist, then it won’t be executed.

Whitelisting should always be used with caution, as some programs don’t obey rules set by the whitelist and continue running even after being added to the whitelist. Whitelisting can be done manually, but there are also automated whitelists for the use of anti-malware software. It’s important to note that whitelists are only part of the overall anti-malware software package.

How to whitelist a program in avast?

Certainly, whitelisting can be done manually by clicking the program name and checking the whitelist. However, this is quite time-consuming. That’s why most antivirus programs offer an automated whitelist feature. There are a lot of anti-malware programs out there.

Which one should you use?

In my experience, the best anti-malware program is Avast. With Avast, you can whitelist programs manually or automatically.

With Avast, you’ll have access to both whitelist types. To add a program to the whitelist, navigate to the antivirus menu and select Manage Settings. Then select Whitelists and press the button on the right to open a dialog box. On this screen, you’ll see a list of the available whitelist types.

Steps to whitelist a program in Avast –

1. Go to Avast -> Manage Settings -> Whitelists -> Add Whitelist

2. Search for the program that you want to whitelist and tick it on the checkbox on the right. The program name will be shown under the “Active” column.

3. Click the “Add Whitelist” button After adding the program, the program will be whitelisted in the next scan.

Why should I add programs to the whitelist?

Programs that are downloaded from a third-party website can include malicious code. So when you run this program, your computer gets infected. To avoid this problem, we recommend whitelisting the programs that you use regularly.

Can I add all the programs to the whitelist or just the important ones?

Adding all programs to the whitelist means Avast is running every time you open your computer, even when it’s just for opening a file or checking mail. This will make your computer slower and increase its power consumption.


We’ve explained how to whitelist a program in Avast. As a reminder, if you want to whitelist a program, it has to be added to the whitelist by clicking the Add Whitelist button. Once it’s whitelisted, the program will be run every time the user wants to run the program, and this can cause some problems with the anti-malware software. However, this can be avoided. It’s good to keep in mind that whitelisting a program only adds a program to the whitelist. It doesn’t actually remove the program from the system.


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