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Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error

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YouTube Audio Renderer Error

YouTube Audio Renderer Error is a problem that pops up on Youtube videos with long playback times. The audio on the video may cut out or get corrupted due to the bad data. This mainly occurs on videos which are movies or videos with lots of sounds.

The issue first popped up in early 2015 and has since had more than 35,000-90% of its views affected by it. It usually fixes itself after a few seconds and does not appear entirely off again during the video.

  1. What is YouTube Audio Renderer Error?

A playback error that occurs on YouTube videos causes the audio to be affected or cut out entirely. This problem may occur because of bad encoding data in the video’s audio track.

  1. What causes YouTube Audio Renderer Error?

This problem mainly occurs with more extended playtime Youtube videos such as films or video game footage. Videos with wrong audio encoding may cause this error to be expected when viewing the videos longer than intended. Hardware issues, a bad internet connection, and other problems may also cause YouTube Audio Renderer Error.

  1. How do you fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error?

The video usually continues to play without any significant issue after the bad audio data sequence has ended. A quick fix for this problem is to right-click the video, click Settings, and change the bitrate quality of that video by sliding the bar manually to a lower setting. A higher bitrate does not always miss or corrupt bad audio data.

Some common fixes are as follows:

Close other applications

Quit Firefox, Safari, or Chrome and restart the browser.

Disable hardware acceleration.

Turn off AdBlocker programs in Chrome & Firefox browsers.

  1. How do you avoid getting Audio Renderer Error?

To avoid this issue from happening, try to complete watching a video immediately after starting it. Avoid watching videos for long periods by breaking the playback into multiple parts or waiting for the video to finish if you have to leave in the middle.

  1. Were there any cases where Audio Renderer Error got solved?

Yes, some known solutions have temporarily fixed this issue. One popular temporary fix is to set the quality of the video to 240p, which fixes corruption issues for some people. Another quick fix is to use another browser such as Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, etc.

Suppose you’re experiencing YouTube Audio Renderer Error. In that case, you can read through this article to find a solution that works for you!

Multiple solutions have been brought up as temporary fixes, but no one has found a permanent spot. The issue continues to occur frequently on longer playtime videos.



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